Nicholas Tasato is a Senior Product Designer based out of New York City

Digital on Demand

Developing a product strategy to drive engagement

Tasked with increasing user engagement, I took a moment to ask "What is 'good' engagement"? I partnered with Product to develop a product strategy which defined engagement as something deeper than views and clicks.  We created a vision and plan to reinvent the homepage of Digital on Demand. 



Improving a product with market fit

TaxVerse achieved product market fit with a set of MVP features helping SMB businesses with identifying their state sales tax exposure across the United States. I helped look for ways to build upon the success and incorporate client feedback to improve the design to work towards product maturity. Acquired by a competitor in 2021.



Building a complex financial product from scratch

I worked closely with business stakeholders to understand the inner workings of the financial trade reporting process to develop a product from the ground up that digitized a terribly manual process. Luna helped financial institutions improve the quality of trade reporting to proactively identify issues in their process and avoid regulatory fines.